Discover all the advantages of the technology that will
improve your position as a telecommunications operator
in a highly competitive market.

This is the successor to 2G and 3G technologies, characterised mainly by the higher connection speeds offered, providing:


LOW LATENCY: For a better internet experience. This is the time it takes for data transmission to start between your computer and the network.


HIGH PERFORMANCE: For video, music, online gaming, video conferencing, streaming, etc.


NO INTERRUPTIONS: Enjoy watching videos and listening to music without interruptions and in high definition.



– Your end users will be able to download 10 x 50MB songs in just 30seconds (this used to take 6-7 minutes).

– Download an HD movie in about 13 minutes (this used to take up to 3 hours before now).

What band does 4G-LTE Neutra work on?

Not all companies offering 4G LTE internet are the same. Their quality and performance depend on the band they are enabled to run, among other factors. We have usage licences nationwide for the 3.5 Ghz radio band spectrum and 2.6 Ghz in Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha.